The Workshop

Do you and your partner want to develop a more meaningful and closer relationship? Are you looking for interesting ideas to keep your relationship healthy and alive? Would you like to learn massage in a safe and professional environment? If so then this is the workshop for you.

Learning to massage a loved one will help ignite deeper levels of communication, expression and connection between both of you. Massage is great for reducing stress and tension, removing inhibitions and promoting emotional bonding.

Massage for couples focuses on teaching Learn simple and easy massage techniques and routines that will enable you to give your partner a relaxing and effective massage. You will have plenty of opportunity to observe, give and receive massage. You will work with your partner giving and receiving massage in a safe and sensitive environment that ensures your partner’s modesty at all times.

While this is a practical hands-on workshop you will benefit from essential theory and background to embed the learning and experience. You will be supplied with a course handbook. All other course materials and resources are included. Refreshments will be provided for the day. Please bring a packed lunch.

There are no prerequisites for attending this workshop. You do not need to have any previous experience of giving massage as this course is suitable for complete beginners.

Workshop Fee

This bespoke and private workshop can be organised for just the two of you in the comfort and luxury of your own home. The workshop fees start from £250 per couple for a half-day workshop, at my location. Travel costs may apply if you wish to have the workshop at yours. You can also learn Massage for Couples with a group of friends. Prices for this on application and depend on your location and length of the workshop.

This practical workshop offers

Expert tuition and guidance from a qualified and experienced massage practitioner and teacher.

Simple and easy massage techniques and routines that will enable you to give your partner a relaxing and effective massage.

Bespoke benefits – I pay attention to your needs and can offer massage techniques to help manage pain and attend to injuries.

Insight into the physical and psychological benefits of massage and the importance of therapeutic touch for well being.

How to create an environment conducive to giving and receiving massage.

A relaxing and fun learning to share and an experience that will bond.

Massage for Couples Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available making this a very special and original gift for your partner for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines Day and other special occasions.

Wedding Gift

Is someone you know getting married? A Massage for Couples gift voucher is a unique gift for the bride and groom, a gift that will last for years to come giving them time and space to spend with each other.

The Inspiration

Massage for Couples is a unique and inspired workshop that I have developed specifically for couples after years of working as a massage therapist. My clients would often express how they wish that their partner could give them a good massage. Both my female and male clients would tell me how nice it would be if their partner could give them a massage without getting tired, without their fingers hurting or with some insight into what they were doing.

Listening to my clients comments was my inspiration and Massage for Couples was born!

The Workshop – What is it all about?

Massage for Couples is a one day workshop based on simple, effective and easy-to-learn Swedish and Remedial massage techniques. It is designed to help you and your partner share the nurturing, relaxing, therapeutic benefits of massage with each other.